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Register for UBC Certificate of International  Development

What do you get? 

- 5-course certificate from UBC

- Leverage and transition your military skills to credentials your dream civilian career 

- Entry into bachelor and master UBC program upon certificate completion

-  Full tution, housing, counselling, social event support from UBC. For Free! 

Time Requirments 

- 2 Course September 2021 to January 2021 

- 2 Course January 2021  to April 2022

- 1 Course April 2022 - August 2022 


- Absolute nothing, if you are covered by ................

Possible Career Projections (link to stories)

Ex: International Relationship Specialist  

Ex: UBC Mechanical Engineer 

Ex: Master of Psychology - Counsellor 

Ex: Political Science Advisor

Step by Step Timeline

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
Step 7

Step 1: Initial Interest

Time Requirement: 25 Minutes 

Deadline: March.1st, 2021 

Inital Interst Form

Step 2: Advisor Contact

Time Requirement: 1 hour

Deadline: March.20th, 2021 

Academic Advisor


- Spend 15 minutes, read through the program description (insert link) 

- Spend 10 minutes, complete the initial interest form. IVET advisors will provide free academic support to you once you fill the form (insert link) 


- Book a meeting IVET Academic Advisor, you will contact email once you fill the initial interest form 

- Complete a 30-minute call, describe your situation and receive tailored suggestions and program application advise

Step 3: Application

Time Requirement: 3 hour

Deadline: March.30th, 2021 


To Do

- Complete the application on (insert link) 

- Required: Resume, Military Transcript, two 200 word paragraph questions ......

Additional Resources 

- How to write a resume (insert link)

- IVET Academic Advisory 

Step 4: Funding

Time Requirement: 3 hour

Deadline: May.30th, 2021 

To Do

- Fill these forms ......

- Contact military advisor .........

Funding Form
Schoarship and Awards
Goverment Grants

Step 5: Housing

Time Requirement: 3 hour

Deadline: May.30th, 2021 

Prioty Housing Application

To Do

- Priority housing at UBC (insert application link) 

- In 2021 school year, all students can attend from home virtually too .....

Step 6: Course Selection

Time Requirement: 3 hour

Deadline: Aug.20th, 2021 

Course Selection

To Do

- Plan your course schedule from September 2021 to May 2022 

- Pick five courses out of the eight approved courses 

- Contract IVET advisor for help

Step 7: Social

Time Requirement: 3 hour

Deadline: Sept.1st, 2021 

UBC Legion

To Do (optional)

- Join UBC Legion 

- Join IVET Facebook page 

- UBC IVET student social - Sept.15th ...

Student social