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The Veteran Friendly Campus initiative at UBC will be administered by the new Institute for Veterans Education and Transition (IVET).  IVET will carry on much of the work started by Dr. Marvin Westwood and the Centre for Group Counselling and Trauma (CGCT) who have long been pioneers in the fields of veterans’ transition and trauma counselling research and programming.

IVET will provide a point of entry to UBC for military-connected individuals transitioning from military service as they explore new academic and career opportunities. By providing counselling services, training, and educational opportunities, IVET can connect Veterans with resources and services to help ensure their success in the civilian world.

As part of UBC’s Veteran Friendly Campus Initiative, IVET is in the process of developing a Certificate in International Development & Human Security which would be offered to start fall 2021. Courses offered as part of the 1-year (part-time) certificate program will be focused on helping prepare students for work in the International Development field.



In the fall of 2019, President Santa J. Ono announced that the University of British Columbia (UBC) was committed to becoming a “veteran-friendly” campus by the end of 2020. As part of this initiative, the university will offer programs and services specially designed for veterans including:

  • A specialized admission process for Veterans, reservists, and currently serving members (military-connected individuals).

  • Accessible and affordable housing (single and family) on UBC Campus for Veterans students 

  • Financial support options (VAC, Vocational Rehabilitation, UBC awards programs).

  • A Veteran Cohort, ensuring military-connected individuals can participate in classes comprised of their peers.

  • Specialized professional development courses.

  • Social and recreational opportunities.

  • A new UBC Royal Canadian Legion Branch.

“IVET provides a point of entry to the University of British Columbia for veterans transitioning from military service who are looking to explore new academic and career opportunities.”

Tim Laidler, Executive Director


UBC President Santa Ono's Commitment to Veterans

One hundred and one year ago today, the guns fell silent in Europe, marking the end of what many hoped would be the war to end all wars. Although UBC was only a few years old, many of its students, faculty, and staff heeded the call to serve their country in that conflict.

In the years since, UBC students, faculty, staff, alumni have continued to answer the call of duty, serving their country as peacekeepers, as soldiers fighting against tyranny and oppression, as first responders, and in other ways.

Representing the university in all its diversity, they gave of themselves to make the world a better place. Many of them paid the ultimate sacrifice. Others returned wounded, whether physically or mentally. Today, we honour them. We reflect on their valour and their sacrifice, and we reflect on our duty to them, to their well-being, and to their re-integration into civilian life.

And we resolve to ensure that their efforts were not in vain, to do our best to prevent future conflicts, so future generations can live in peace, justice, and harmony. We owe so much to the veterans who have served and sacrificed for our country, preserving and protecting the freedoms we enjoy today.

Because we owe them so much, we are resolved to help them and support them. Through these measures and others, we will begin to repay the enormous debt we owe our veterans, who have given so much to their country.